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Best-Selling Author

Matt Mueller

“In a world of uncertainty, we must slow down to be aware of each conversation, each observation, each moment to lead our teams to greatness.”

Keynote Speaker, Matt Mueller is the best-selling author of The Mindful Innovator, a Columnist for Innovation Leader, a Mindfulness Instructor for Insight Timer, and a RETHINK Retail Top Retail Expert working with some of the world’s biggest brands. Matt’s most notable work has impacted thousands of grocery stores in the US, affecting the lives of hundreds-of-thousands of front-line workers, and delivered an in-store shopping experience that increased sales, while reducing employee turnover.

The key to his success is combining innovation with mindfulness. His goal now is to empower leaders to focus so they can amplify their organization’s productivity and decision-making, and innovate with purposeful growth. 

Speaking TOPICS

Book Matt Mueller to keynote your next event. Matt’s compelling stories and engaging format will inspire leaders to innovate mindfully and grow purposefully—amplifying productivity and streamlining decisions.
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Matt challenges the status quo of innovation. Where others look to disrupt, Matt inspires teams to discover innovative solutions that have an immediate impact.

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The powerful practice of mindfulness creates productive, highly engaged teams. Matt shares his techniques that anyone can use to find more calm and clarity in their lives so they can focus on delivering radical results.

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Matt helps organizations find clarity in their vision and goals so they can build stronger strategies to grow the business purposefully.

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The wealth of creativity of children surpasses any adult. Matt has studied why that is and has developed ways for you to tap into your inner child to come up with creative solutions that can unlock your success.

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