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Insights to innovate faster & more purposefully


The Mindful Innovator Tiny Stroke Straight


The Mindful Innovator Tiny Stroke Straight


This is a collection of articles from Matt Mueller that didn’t make it to his book. Though valuable insights, Matt has decided to share some of his content in short form so you can read to take action. We all life-learners, which undoubtedly means that as Matt and other fellow mindful innovators learn new insights, this is where you’ll find them. Enjoy!

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Learn how meditation can help you set the intention for your week to drive productivity and grow your business. Also, learn about a new event that The Mindful Innovator is now offering on LinkedIn Audio! 

Ethnographic methods have been beautifully documented since the 1800s. Though foundationally profound, we are entering a new era; Virtual ethnography.

Ethnographic research is a method that take years of practice to perfect. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start doing it tomorrow. Follow these five tips to start learning directly from your consumer.

Matt talks about his experience helping a Bakery solve their problems by listening to the consumer. Here are the two questions you should always ask yourself when building your customer experience.

Pushing Innovation thru an organization can be challenging. I used the art of mindfulness to help slow down the process to innovate faster and more effectively. Learn the three P’s that helped me.