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The Mindful Innovator by Matt Mueller

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One word can make consumers clamber, manipulate stock markets, and excite employees to come to work—Innovation. It has grown in popularity over the last half-century with over 2,000 books and reports arising annually. Philosophies and frameworks are released faster than iPhone models. And mantras like “innovate or die” and “fail fast” are pounded into company cultures.

It’s an arms race to get ahead. But what does innovation mean in these days of a post-COVID world, where results are needed instantaneously.

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Imperative to Follow These Key Principles
“The need to hone our skills around Matt’s key principles are imperative for us to correct the frivolous nature of what innovation has become. No matter the industry, no matter your goals, you will glean new insights that will help you walk the mindful path of innovation from this book.”
— Martin Lindstrom, NY Times Best Selling Author of Buyology and Small Data

Trust, Human, Clear
“Matt Mueller is someone who knows how to make innovation happen inside established organizations, and The Mindful Innovator is an incredibly useful book. It’s human, it’s clear, and you can start putting the techniques into practice right away.”
— Scott Kirsner, Co-Founder, InnoLead

The Pragmatic Art of Innovation—Tools, Approaches, & Mindset
“It’s been said, that in order to see something entirely new—you have to not see something else. Through his process of being open to completely new perspectives, ones that are not even within the framework of our current thinking, Matt provides the tools, approaches, and mindset required to reveal new and relevant futures. The Mindful Innovator is a refreshingly practical guide for getting to the unknown – the pragmatic art of innovation.”
— Tom Bouchard, Principal Director Accenture

Matt's Mission

From a young age Matt wondered what separated people who create change from everyone else. With 8 billion people in the world how can there be so few change makers?

Obsessed with this question, Matt grew into an energetic innovator focused on helping others create change. He is an innovation consultant working with some of the world’s largest brands and is a columnist for Innovation Leader. Matt has long-term experience executing strategy and facilitating change and is passionate about sharing his insights with leaders across the globe, helping them transform company culture to meet their innovation needs more purposefully.

Matt also loves spending time on one of the many local gulf beaches of Florida reconnecting to what matters most, Family.


There’s an
amount of ways to innovate, creating complexity

And the need to go fast

can be paralyzing

Imagine if we slowed down for a minute and were just PRESENT with the problem

The Mindful Innovator, Matt Mueller in office picture

Matt Mueller

Innovation Consultant & Author

Matt Mueller is a columnist for InnoLead and an Innovation Consultant helping corporate leaders effectively execute and structure their insights & innovation efforts allowing them to make impactful change.

Matt believes every person can create massive impactful change. But fear of failure and complexity around the vast number of philosophies on the topic of innovation rule. And the complexity of it intimidates and dampens the courage and the voices of many.

It reminded Matt of the feeling of being overwhelmed by the constant use of smartphones and the inability to concentrate. Mindfulness worked well for drowning out the noise from cellphones allowing us to be in the moment.

Can Mindfulness help us create innovative change?