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Welcome to the innovate ON purpose podcast

Get the latest insights on mindful innovation and learn how you can apply mindful tips, innovative solutions, and leadership advice. Now, find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed and tune in…

Latest Episodes


In this conversation, Matt and Stephana Johnson discuss the importance of well-being for corporate leaders and the impact it has on innovation and overall business performance. Stephana shares her background and how she became the Chief Empowerment Officer of Powerhouse Leaders. They discuss the concept of burnout and the importance of maintaining energy and balance in order to lead effectively. Stephana emphasizes the need for leaders to take care of themselves and align with their values in order to create a positive impact. They also discuss the role of personal responsibility and reflection in addressing business problems. Stephana Johnson shares her ‘Pilot Your Way’ methodology, which is based on the acronym P.L.O.T.S. The P stands for practicing presence, the L for letting go, the O for observing, the T for using tools, and the S for staying in a state of synergy. She emphasizes the importance of being present and letting go of past experiences or emotions in order to navigate challenges effectively. Johnson also highlights the significance of mindfulness and suggests simple practices like breathing and observing to cultivate mindfulness. She encourages leaders to prioritize self-care and take breaks to reset their energy and focus.


In this conversation, Lisa Warden Valencia, CEO of Warden Consulting Group, shares insights on career clarity, knowledge, support, and building relational equity. She discusses the importance of mentorship, leadership, and the challenges faced in the corporate world. The conversation also delves into the significance of owning one’s story and the power of vulnerability in building authentic relationships.


In this episode, Jeff Standridge, Managing Director of Innovation Junkie and innovation expert, shares insights on innovation, problem-solving, and organizational transformation. He emphasizes the importance of planned change and falling in love with the problem, not the solution. Jeff also discusses the engagement process with clients and introduces the Innovation Blueprint.


Guest Ajay Malik on the Innovate ON Purpose podcast

Ajay Malik, CEO of, discusses the integration of AI into businesses. He emphasizes the importance of starting with a specific use case that adds value and solves a problem. Ajay suggests focusing on small successes and achieving tangible results before scaling up. He also highlights the need for explainable AI and user-friendly interfaces to build trust and confidence in AI systems. Malik shares several examples of successful AI implementations, including manufacturing line inspection, customer support automation, and knowledge sharing. He concludes by discussing the role of in providing AI as a service and helping companies deploy AI applications.


In this episode, Matt and Johanna Derbylowski discuss the power of intuition in business. They explore what intuition is and how it can be a more accurate and cost-effective tool compared to technology. The benefits of using intuition for business include knowing what to do and being open to unexpected opportunities. To tap into intuition, it is important to clear the mind, be quiet inside, and have a mindfulness practice. Seeking help and support from coaches or mentors can also enhance intuition. By setting intentions, going inward, and focusing the mind, individuals can access their intuition and receive complete thoughts and knowings. In this conversation, Johanna Derbolowsky discusses the power of intuition and how it can be applied in business. She shares examples of how intuition can guide decision-making and warns against rational thinking that can lead to self-doubt. Johanna emphasizes the importance of trusting the universe and allowing things to happen, even if they don’t go according to plan. She also highlights the relationship between free will and intuition, and how letting go and trusting the process can lead to positive outcomes. Johanna encourages business leaders to incorporate mindfulness and listen to their inner voice for guidance.


In this episode, Ray Ives discusses the underdog mentality and how it can be applied to innovation in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. He defines the underdog as someone who sees higher potential and is unwavering in their resourcefulness. Ray shares his personal journey of starting as an underdog and working his way up to a senior VP position. He emphasizes the importance of self-assessment, celebrating small victories, and building self-confidence. Ray also discusses the challenges of innovation in the CPG industry and the need for a visionary mindset. He concludes by encouraging listeners to embrace discomfort and be open to change.


Innovate ON Purpose podcast with guest Jeff Buehner

In this episode, Matt interviews Jeff Buehner about his book ‘The Sultan’s Seven Secrets’ and how to innovate with the secrets of a Sultan. Jeff shares the story of Sultan Musa of Mali, who learned the language of the gods and the power of the veiled mind. He explains that our subconscious thoughts and beliefs control our reality and that the language of feelings is the key to commanding our subconscious mind. By understanding and harnessing this power, we can manifest our desires and create the life we want. In this conversation, Jeff Buehner shares his experience of how speaking the ‘language of the gods’ transformed his life and business. He explains how within eight months of learning this language, he went from making $60,000 to $80,000 a year to making three times that amount every month. Jeff shares the story of how a wholesale vending supply business fell into his lap and turned into a million-dollar business. He emphasizes the power of imagination and daydreaming in manifesting the perfect business and lifestyle. Jeff also discusses the role of the subconscious mind in shaping reality and the importance of choosing your role and commanding your subconscious mind.


Unlocking Retail Innovation: Insights from Industry Leaders Podcast Cover

Dive into the world of retail innovation with seasoned industry experts in our latest episode. Join us as we explore cutting-edge strategies for staying ahead in a competitive market, glean insights on consumer needs and emerging trends, and discover practical approaches to driving growth and success. Perfect for retail leaders seeking inspiration and actionable advice to elevate both themselves and their businesses.


Innovate ON Purpose Podcast with guest, Jami Gibson

Have ever felt stuck with your initiatives at work and said, “I’ll figure it out tomorrow.” In this episode we will show you how to transform procrastination into purposeful action with mindfulness and self-discovery. In this episode, we will be speaking with Jami Gibson a procrastination coach.


How Speak-Up Culture Drives Innovation and Results with Stephen 'Shed' Shedletzky

Fear is a factor that stops so many from speaking up. And not speaking up stunts our innovation potential. In this episode, we will dive into the world of innovation and culture with guest Stephen Shedletzky [aka Shed], author of “Speak-Up Culture.”  They explore the dynamic intersection of leadership, creativity, and fostering a culture where every voice matters and share the secrets to building a speak-up culture. This episode gives you the advice you need to start creating an environment where sharing ideas and feedback not only feels safe but is truly worth it.  Tune in for engaging conversations that will inspire you to lead with courage, authenticity, and a commitment to continuous improvement.


Dive into the heart of purposeful innovation in leadership with host Matt Mueller and expert life coach Shelly Bortolotto in this compelling podcast episode. Discover the transformative force of self-belief and how your thoughts shape not only your products and services but also the perception of your audience and clients. Uncover the significance of high-value cycles and how they influence your leadership journey. Gain practical insights and actionable steps to immediately elevate your leadership mindset, fostering innovation with lasting impact. Explore real-world examples that illuminate the profound effects of embracing or neglecting these insights. Join us on this transformative journey to learn, grow, and lead with purpose. Don’t miss out on unraveling the keys to a purposeful leadership dance!


Unlock the strategic game of life with our latest episode, where host Matt Mueller delves into an insightful conversation with leadership expert Greg Davis. In this compelling dialogue, Davis shares the keys to success using his revolutionary CHECKMATE strategy, right from his book, offering a powerful solution for leaders feeling overwhelmed and burned out. Discover how Greg Davis draws parallels between leadership and chess, guiding listeners through each letter of the CHECKMATE acronym. From Cultivating a Visionary Outlook to Mastering the Art of Work-Life Balance, Davis provides tangible insights and actionable steps for leaders eager to reinvigorate their journey.


Embark on a soul-nourishing journey with Matt Mueller and Raven Rae as they explore the transformative FAME framework in this insightful podcast episode. Raven’s personal narrative, overcoming adversity through meditation and self-care, provides a unique perspective on mindful leadership. Delve into the principles of FAME: Focus, Aspire, Mentally Prepare, and Execute, and learn to distill objectives, prioritize with purpose, and achieve meaningful goals. Whether you’re a seasoned executive or a budding entrepreneur, this podcast offers actionable insights to infuse purpose into your leadership journey. Tune in and discover the transformative power of FAME for mindful and impactful leadership.


In this episode, host Matt Mueller explores the transformative power of mindful innovation with the brilliant Claire E. Parsons. Discover the keys to purpose-driven growth, the pivotal role of self-awareness in leadership, and gain insights into real-world examples that highlight the consequences of neglecting mindfulness in business. Join the symphony of leadership and unlock clarity, purpose, and innovative strategies for your business.


In this mind-transforming episode, join Innovation Coach Matt Mueller as he engages in a transformative conversation with Johanna Derbolowsky, a seasoned expert in transformational coaching. Explore profound insights that transcend conventional leadership approaches, guiding corporate leaders to navigate challenges with purpose and innovation. Discover the power of trust as a catalyst for transformative leadership and learn how embracing this principle can turn stressful hurdles into opportunities for growth. Don’t miss this enlightening episode as Matt and Johanna unravel the secrets to unlocking innovative solutions in the realm of corporate leadership.


Embark on a transformative journey with Matt Mueller and guest Paul Forchione as they delve into the mindful art of leadership. Uncover the alchemy of positive interactions, purpose-driven engagement, and authentic enthusiasm that propels businesses to new heights. For business leaders seeking a mindful approach to innovation and success, this podcast is your guide to fostering a harmonious workplace culture and driving meaningful results.


Season 1, episode 1 of the innovate ON purpose podcast by The Mindful Innovator

Matt shares with you his experience and passion for innovation and mindfulness starting with: What was innovation like before there was a book or process? You’ll go as far back as 4,000 B.C. to learn from early day innovations and deploy a level of awareness that will uncover the secret formula to business success, stripping innovation to its foundation. With this newfound clarity you will learn how to, identify real consumer problems, supercharge your creativity, collaborate like a pro, and it will transform you into a mindful Jedi getting others to adapt easily. Get ready to slow down, so you can innovate faster with purposeful growth.


Our guest, Dr. Doreen Downing, a psychologist and author, shares profound insights and practical advice on how using your voice purposefully can drive innovation, remove obstacles, and spark growth. Explore the fascinating journey of Dr. Doreen’s own discovery of the power of one’s voice, going beyond merely speaking to the core of being.  As Dr. Doreen explains, finding your voice isn’t just about speaking; it’s about being authentic, confident, and courageous. Through relatable anecdotes and real-life examples, we learn how childhood experiences and past traumas can impact one’s ability to communicate effectively as adults. We discuss how these imprints can either stifle or ignite innovation in the business world.