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Matt Mueller

Author of The Mindful Innovator &
Innovation Consultant

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Talks about:

  • Innovation

  • Mindful Strategy

  • Facilitation Change


    • What are some of the watch-outs for creating an innovation team?


    • How do we get innovation wrong?


    • What does it mean to be a mindful innovator?


  • How did we innovate before there was a book or process?


  • How do you apply mindfulness to your strategy?

  • Where does strategy usually fail?

  • What takes strategy to the next level?


  • Where do you even begin if you want to create change in my business?

  • What kills innovation from happening in most organizations?

  • How do you keep people excited about sticking with the change? 

  • How do dumb ideas ever make it to the shelf?

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Guest Appearances

Matt Mueller and John Saunders on the New Degree Press Creator Community Podcast

Matt Mueller discusses how we get innovation wrong and how we can turn things around if we use mindfulness. Matt also discusses the author journey and what he learns about himself through the process.

– Listen Here 

Matt Mueller on the Innovabuzz podcast

Matt Mueller discusses how corporate innovation all needs to start with a SEAT belt moment to get others open to the idea of change.

– Listen Here 

Matt Mueller speaks with Lois Wyant of Giant Builders on the 3 key variables of innovation

Matt speaks about the three key variables of innovation before there was a book or a process with Lois Wyant of Giant Builders. 

– Listen Here –

Matt Mueller author of The Mindful Innovator speaks to Dana Olivo of Charged Up Studios about Innovation

Danna Olivo is joined by Matt Mueller, author of The Mindful Innovator as he discusses how we can innovate and create change by simply stepping back, slowing down, to move faster and more purposefully.  

– Listen Here –

Maurice Neu Podcast The Entrepreneurial Brain

Matt Mueller discusses how entrepreneurship can be overwhelming. We try and do too much! If we slow down and think about our decisions we can move faster and more purposefully.

– Listen Here 

Innovator Matt Mueller

Matt Mueller

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