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Let's Talk Mindful Innovation

Over one hundred interviews sharing insights on how we get innovation wrong
and how a shift to
Mindful Innovation can change the game.
The Mindful Innovator - Long Orange Stroke

Matt Mueller speaks about the intersection of innovation and mindfulness with audiences all over the world and is ready to inspire to your audience to create change. 

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Defining Problems in the Innovation Process with Matt Mueller

Why do we fail to define them and why should we slow down in the innovation process?

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Matt Mueller discusses how we get innovation wrong and how we can turn things around if we use mindfulness. Matt also discusses the author journey and what he learns about himself through the process.

Matt Mueller discusses how corporate innovation all needs to start with a SEAT belt moment to get others open to the idea of change.

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Matt speaks about the three key variables of innovation before there was a book or a process with Lois Wyant of Giant Builders. 

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Danna Olivo is joined by Matt Mueller, author of The Mindful Innovator as he discusses how we can innovate and create change by simply stepping back, slowing down, to move faster and more purposefully.  

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