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Stop Retail Turnover

Put the Right People in Open Frontline Roles and Keep Them Longer

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Find out which of the five R’s you should focus on now.

Our comprehensive approach

We deliver a proven 3-prong process that delivers reduced turnover, greater organizational efficiencies, and grows sales. It is only when you combine these 3 perspectives you find mindful innovation. 

The 3-Prongs:

  • Employee pain points
    like antiquated procedures
  • Management and company needs
    like sales goals and other strategic initiatives
  • And customer needs
    such as frictionless payments

What Clients Are Saying


The 5R Assessment identifies opportunities in the employee experience that makes frontline workers quit. Take the quiz to learn where you should focus right now.

Are you hiring the right people?

Are you giving good direction?

Are they understanding what you are communicating?

Do you have enough help at the right time?

What are you doing to retain good employees?

Testimonials and Case Studies

Rethink Recruitment for Retention

The Short: We actively recruited target audiences that exemplify a ‘good fit’ and would find the new job a step-up from their current role.

High turnover rates have plagued the retail industry for decades. Leaving stores short-handed and creating a poor frontline employee experience and consumer experience. This has compromised consumer loyalty, lost sales from out-of-stocks, and created even more dissatisfied employees who perpetually leave. The problem, however, is not a small labor pool, but rather targeting the wrong labor pool. We were able to help a retailer evaluate the roles they needed to fill to find the characteristics of ideal candidates to develop a program that attracted the right people to apply to decrease open headcount and thwart turnover.   

Creating a Relevant Grocery Experience for Consumers and Employees

The Short: We changed how orders were received from one item at a time to the whole order at once, saving footsteps and increased order sizes.

For over a century, the deli service experience has remained stagnant despite the evolution of retail. The changing workforce and new consumer demands only further highlight the need to adapt. Using the process outlined in the book, The Mindful Innovator, we aligned key stakeholders of multiple organizations and found synergies with frontline workers, business needs, and consumers that created a win-win-win. The new service experience has delivered increased department top-line sales, overall basket size, and consumer satisfaction. All while decreasing turnover and labor hours in some of the nation’s biggest retailers.

Bringing Back In-Store Bakery Consumers

The Short: We changed the time the stores made cookies from 5a to 11a, so customers will be in the store to smell (and want) them.

A regional grocery store was certain bakery department sales were in decline because they needed healthier options. Shopping with consumers, we learned that the bakery department felt sterile. Working with employees, we learned that production mostly happened before the doors opened for the day. Changing production times to high volume shopping times on most fragrant products increased department sales, without adding any new items.

Innovator Matt Mueller

Matt's Retail Background

Founder, Matt Mueller grew up a foodservice retail employee. His first job as a teenager was at McDonalds. He progressed to work in a new local grocery store and on his first day, was thrown in the Deli because somebody called out sick—this set his path in motion. Matt had a long career running Deli’s along the eastern seaboard. The job that he loved at first slowly became toxic. Unclear goals from leadership, continuous new programs, and a lack of support from leadership drove him to leave the front seat view of retail and take a leadership role himself starting an innovation team for a national foodservice retail supplier. In this role, Matt was able to influence industry change by being a mediator—protecting frontline workers so they can be successful in their jobs and helping retailers meet their strategic goals, all while creating an exceptional customer experience.     

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