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Unlocking CPG Retail Innovation: Insights from Industry Leaders

Three simplistic steps to being a servant leader

By Matt Mueller

Unlocking Retail Innovation: Insights from Industry Leaders Podcast Cover

I’m thrilled to share some powerful insights from our recent podcast episode, where we dived deep into the realm of retail innovation alongside seasoned industry leaders, particularly Ray Ives. Ray is a trailblazer in the retail world, with over two decades of experience at the forefront of innovation. His track record of success and his unique perspective make him a compelling voice to listen to in our quest for growth and innovation. If that wasn’t enough, he also decided to add author to his list of credentials penning the book, “The Pen of an Underdog.”

I know you are busy, so here are three quick takeaways below from this great episode of the Innovate ON Purpose podcast. 

Takeaway 1: The Evolution of Innovation

Reflecting on my journey and insights shared by Ray Ives, it’s clear that innovation in retail has undergone a significant evolution. Gone are the days of just tinkering with shapes and flavors; now, it’s all about diving deep into processes and understanding the ever-changing needs of our consumers. As I’ve come to realize, true innovation isn’t just about fancy gadgets; it’s about connecting with our customers on a deeper level.

Ray Ives reminds us, “Innovation in retail is not just about the product; it’s about understanding the customer journey and meeting their evolving needs.”

Takeaway 2: Mindful Approach to Innovation

One key lesson that resonated deeply with me is the importance of a mindful approach to innovation. Ray’s journey towards understanding the true essence of innovation mirrors my own. It’s not just about throwing ideas at the wall and hoping something sticks; it’s about being intentional, reflective, and deeply attuned to our purpose and passion. As I always say, passion and purpose are the driving forces behind meaningful innovation.

According to Ray, “Mindfulness in innovation allows us to stay focused on what truly matters – creating value for our customers and our business.”

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Takeaway 3: Collaboration and Influence

Collaboration has always been close to my heart, and it was reaffirmed during our discussion. Ray’s emphasis on the need for diverse input resonated deeply with me. It’s through collaboration and the integration of diverse perspectives that true innovation flourishes. Moreover, influencing key stakeholders is paramount. By understanding their needs and backing our ideas with solid data, we can drive change and innovation faster than ever before.

Ray emphasizes, “Collaboration is key to innovation. By bringing together diverse minds and perspectives, we can create solutions that address a wider range of customer needs.”

The insights shared by Ray in this podcast episode are not just food for thought; they’re a recipe for success in the ever-evolving world of retail. By embracing mindfulness, fostering collaboration, and staying laser-focused on consumer needs, we can unlock unprecedented opportunities for growth and innovation. Here’s to a future where innovation isn’t just a buzzword but a way of life in retail.

The Call to Alchemical Action

As you reflect on these insights, why not take a moment today to engage in a mindful brainstorming session with your team? Encourage diverse perspectives and focus on understanding your customers’ needs on a deeper level. Together, let’s unlock new avenues for innovation and growth in our retail journey.

Innovator Matt Mueller

Matt Mueller

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