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Unlocking the Magic of Meditation


By Matt Mueller

Why Meditation is a Must-Have

In the age of endless Zoom calls, countless goals, and notifications, stress has become our unwanted bestie. But here’s the deal: meditation is your trusty shield against stress, anxiety, and burnout. It’s a superpower for your mind and your business!

Meditation isn’t just for the enlightened few; it’s for anyone seeking peace, focus, and a piece of the happiness pie. It’s a GPS for your thoughts, steering you away from being overwhelmed and guiding you towards clarity. Science vouches for it: meditation reduces stress, sharpens your concentration, and even makes you more creative. It’s your backstage pass to the mindfulness club.

Meditate Your Way to Monday Marvels

Matt Mueller meditating in nature to start his week.

Hey there, savvy professionals! Today, we’re diving headfirst into the enchanting world of meditation and why it’s your secret weapon for conquering your work week with gusto. This isn’t some woo-woo trend; it’s a sanity-saving, productivity-boosting, life-enhancing practice. So, stick with us as we reveal why meditation is your workweek’s new BFF, how it can turbocharge your productivity, and the thrilling announcement about a game-changing LinkedIn audio event: “Meditate On Purpose.”


This was my secret to success in running innovation! It wasn’t until I started meditating on my weekly intent that I began to impact the industry.  

Now, let’s chat about how tossing some meditation into your Monday morning routine can work wonders. Monday often feels like a battlefield, right? But it doesn’t have to.

Imagine starting your week with a clear, calm mind and a heart full of resilience. That’s what meditation brings to the table. It’s like a mental shower to wash away the weekend cobwebs and set the stage for a blockbuster workweek.

By starting your Monday with a mindful meditation, you’re essentially giving your brain a hug. Reduced stress, better decision-making, problem-solving that’s sharper than Sherlock Holmes – all that can be yours. It’s like upgrading your workweek to the deluxe edition!

Oh, and did we mention the joy? Meditation is a happiness booster. It kicks anxiety to the curb, improves your sleep quality, and leaves you dancing in the rain of contentment, like Jake Ballentine (right). With mental health becoming the rockstar it deserves to be, meditation is your backstage pass.

"Just bring a level of awareness to each conversation, each observation, and each moment and we can create great change in this world."
- Matt Mueller

meditate ON purpose - Your Monday Must-Have Event

Now, for the pièce de résistance – “Meditate On Purpose”! We are turning your Mondays from meh to marvelous with a new audio event. It’s like your weekly espresso shot for the soul.

Picture this: every Monday at high noon eastern, no matter where you are, you can tune in and let seasoned meditation instructors guide you through a magical 20-minute journey. You set your intentions, boost your motivation, and get your focus on fleek for the week ahead. It’s like having a productivity fairy godmother—or father.

With “Meditate On Purpose” on LinkedIn, you’re not just meditating alone; you’re connecting with your professional posse, all while nurturing your mental and emotional well-being. It’s not just a session; it’s a tribe of movers and shakers ready to conquer the week.

So, gear up and join us for “Meditate On Purpose” on LinkedIn every Monday at 12 PM Eastern. It’s your invitation to unplug from the chaos, tap into your superpower, and conquer the week with flair. No more manic Mondays; it’s time for mindful ones!

Meditation isn’t a passing fad; it’s your passport to a more productive and joy-filled life. And “Meditate On Purpose,” is your gateway to a Monday that sets the tone for success. Embrace the meditation mojo, and let’s rock those workweeks like the pros we are. See you on LinkedIn, and let’s make “Meditate On Purpose” your weekly ritual for a magnificent Monday. Sign up here.

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Matt Mueller

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